Kentuckiana Auto Storage Pool, Inc., hence known as “KAASP,” or any of its vehicle suppliers make no warranty or guarantee of any type as to the accuracy of the information provided on this website either in printed or graphical form or digital imaging. Buyer accepts all risks but not limited to year, make, model, condition, severity of damage, mileage, and vehicle history. KAASP does not guarantee titles as to their existence, state, type, history, odometer disclosure, vehicle identification number or that the vehicle can be legally registered in any state or country. All vehicles are sold “AS-IS WHERE-IS” and are FINAL-BUYER BEWARE.

All users of this system must be a registered bidder with KAASP. The user of this site agrees to all policies and procedures set forth in the KAASP Buyer Information Handbook. KAASP reserves the right to amend any terms and conditions at any time without prior notice to the user of this site.

Buyers are responsible for all activity on the buyer’s account including all Internet-submitted bids by authorized bidders. It is the sole responsibility of the buyer to maintain a current listing of authorized bidders on the buyers account. In the event of any unauthorized use of a bidder’s username and password it shall remain the buyers responsibility for all activity on that account until KAASP receives written notice of unauthorized usage. KAASP reserves the right to revoke or suspend any buyer or bidder membership for any reason.

KAASP reserves the right to reject any and all bids submitted for any reason. KAASP reserves the right to cancel or postpone a sale without prior notice and with no liability or obligation to the buyer as a result of cancellation or postponement of sale.

Vehicles listed or displayed on KAASP’s website may not provide an accurate depiction of vehicle condition, damage, equipment and accessories. Online bidding is offered solely as a convenience to KAASP customers; therefore buyers using this service accept all risks associated with it. KAASP strongly recommends inspect of the vehicle prior to submitting a bid.

Online bids on listed units must be submitted/edited/deleted no later than 11:00 A.M. EDT on the date of sale. If a tie between internet bids exists then the first submitted bid will prevail. If a tie between a live bid and an internet bid exists then the live bid will prevail.

KAASP by any or all means available will make every effort at the live sale to represent the best interest of the highest internet bidder. KAASP representation of the highest internet bid will not exceed the internet bid amount and will open with an amount of no more than the 2nd highest internet bid. KAASP assumes no responsibility for omissions or missed bids no matter what reason exists.

A buyer fee surcharge will be assessed in addition to normal buyer fees on all successful Internet bids. See the KAASP Buyer Rate Schedule listing for Internet bid surcharges.

All successful Internet bidders will be notified via email. Late fees may apply if payment is not receive in the appropriate timeframe as defined in the Buyers Information Handbook. Storage charges per vehicle may apply as set forth in the Buyers Handbook.